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这是一篇商务活动中的开幕式致辞。致辞开始一般都“代表”(on behalf of)谁表示“热烈祝贺”(warm congratulations)。开幕式致辞结束时,致辞人会“祝大会成功”(I wish the conference a great success),并说:“我的话讲完了,谢谢大家”。(Thank you 或 Thank you for your attention)。

Mr. President,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It is my honor to declare open the Conference of International Trade Cooperation. On behalf of the Chinese Government and the people, and in my own name, I would express my warm congratulations to the Conference and my heartfelt welcome to all the guests and delegates.

It is indeed a privilege and a pleasure for me to address this International Conference, convened with the substantial support from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations. I believe our cooperative efforts are sure to be productive and will contribute directly to further trade expansion to the benefit of our countries.

I wish the conference a great success.

Thank you for your attention.


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