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About JPMorgan
By the time you get to the end of this sentence, we'll have changed. Prices go
up, prices go down. New markets open (and old ones close). Ideas and innovati
ons come and go. Finance isn't static. It's dynamic. So are we.
Since our inception some 200 years ago, we've evolved to offer the whole spect
rum of global banking and financial services - and in many cases it was we tha
t helped define them. Yet some things never change. We invented the concept of
relationship banking back in the nineteenth century. Doing 'first-class busin
ess in a first-class way' is a principle we still adhere to now.

Today, between the Investment Bank & Asset Management there are 20,000 of us w
orking together around the globe to meet the complex financial needs of corpor
ations, governments, private firms, financial institutions, non-profit organiz
ations and wealthy individuals. And, following our July 2004 merger, our paren
t company JPMorgan Chase employs some 170,000 people globally, and can boast m
ore than -1.4 trillion in assets.

Please don't let our size put you off. Big can be beautiful - provided big mea
ns an environment of support, security and stability where you're given the fr
eedom to develop, to take risks where justified and create your own niche, wha
tever that may be.

We're in more than 50 countries across the world - and often leading the charg
e in the markets we operate in. Although born in the USA, ours is a truly glob
al organization. Our roots in Europe date back to 1838, for example, though we
see our future in the world's emerging markets as much as the more establishe
d ones.

In Asia Pacific today, our services include investment banking, risk managemen
t activities, trading, capital raising, custody, cash management, trustee serv
ices, investment management and private banking. By harnessing our resources,
expertise and geographical coverage we can provide a seamlessly integrated ser
vice - operating as a strategic business partner, identifying with client obje
ctives and delivering the right solution at the right time.

Diversity, then, isn't just a buzzword. We expect our graduates to be similarl
y well-rounded. So don't think that we only employ economics or mathematics gr
aduates. Our people come from many different backgrounds - academically, ethni
cally, or otherwise - and the different skills they bring are absolutely integ
ral to our success, both in the long- and short-term.

We're evolving. Evolve with us and who knows where you'll end up.


Apply Now
We recruit from schools around the world.
If the country you are studying in is not listed below, please click here. We
encourage early applications as we screen resumes on a rolling basis. For fast
entry, please refer to below links:

China students applying to Asia Pacific
Hong Kong students applying to Hong Kong
Singapore students applying to Singapore


Don't delay.
Rewards, responsibility and recognition are just an application away. So make
sure you get yours in time. You could have a fantastic résumé and amazing qu
alifications. But if we don't receive your application by the deadline, it’s
difficult for us to consider you. In Asia Pacific we recruit from across the g
lobe and there are several recruiting seasons depending upon which country you
're applying to work in.

Applications from China
Interns - 31 Dec 2008

Applications from HK
Full-time- 12 Dec 2008
Interns - 14 Dec 2008

Applications from Singapore
Full-time- 21 Dec 2008
Interns - 7 Dec 2008

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